OK, thanks Peter, I'll post it in UBF so it is "archived"

For security and SPAM reasons I'm reluctanct do do this. But if you want do this yourself, just edit src/bitmessageqt/messageview.py and in the last line, change



if self.html.has_html:

Peter Surda
Bitmessage core developer

> view HTML immediately would be a nice settings option to have
> can be done also by modding the source, but I forgot which .py file
> it was...


yeah now s.o.(tm) must upload an AUR PKGBUILD for the API-client including launchers for the actual  " --embed *.jpg "  shell script out of ~ dir

can be done in 10 minutes...

Enable the API

To enable the API, copy and paste these lines into the bitmessagesettings section of the keys.dat file. Note that the values "username" and "password" below are merely examples, and should be replaced by values that cannot feasibly be guessed:

apienabled = true
apiport = 8442
apiinterface =
apiusername = username
apipassword = password


would be nice if the programmer put that bit of info in his help text or source code