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how to bootstrap Bitmessage

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There isn't really any guide  on  "how to bootstrap Bitmessage"   i.e.  to start BM without a file "knownNodes.dat" i.e. without anybody to talk to.

Guide  from UBF at    how to bootstrap Bitmessage    =  bitmessage.mybb.rocks/viewtopic.php?id=32

just run a node that's reachable from the outside 24/7.

Add an onion if you want to help more.

But I would like to have the applicants added to a monitoring system

so that it doesn't end up like before

that the bootstrap servers are shut down but are not removed from the list and nobody knows that it is broken.

I'll prepare a config for collectd that the applicant can deploy for adding into the monitoring.

I'll probably setup a separate monitoring system as well; separate from the other monitoring I do
for the BitMessage network, the mailchuck.com interface and so forth.

Then the nonprofit/company can take over sysadmining the monitoring.

while I (P. Surda) can keep my own stuff separate.

Collectd is very lightweight, cross platform, can run checks at a high frequency,
supports encrypted communication

and you can disable all the other modules and only leave bitmessage node monitoring.

The windows client has a licensing fee but I'd be willing to pay for it if the applicant really wants to run windows.

Peter Surda
Bitmessage core developer


I (or Atheros) have to add an IP or a hostname to the bootstrap list.
While there is a special bootstrap mode in 0.6.2,
it's not implemented in the development branch and I would like to automate it
(i.e. bitmessage should automatically detect if it is listed in the bootsrap list and switch mode).

Although probably for 0.6.3 it still will be manual.
Peter Surda


> I'd be interested in providing some bootstrap server(s).

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sudo apt install kcollectd

graphing usage of say cpu idle percentage etc. you get the idea

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def dns():
    # DNS bootstrap. This could be programmed to use the SOCKS proxy to do the
    # DNS lookup some day but for now we will just rely on the entries in
    # defaultKnownNodes.py. Hopefully either they are up to date or the user
    # has run Bitmessage recently without SOCKS turned on and received good
    # bootstrap nodes using that method.

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master bootstraps:




name:     bootstrap8080.bitmessage.org


name:     bootstrap8080.bitmessage.org


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